Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oil Field Property #2

So, this post continues where I left off last week. Basically, walking around taking pictures on private oil field property that's been abandoned for many years and that I have no business walking around on! I'm usually a rule follower, but I have been known to break the rules for a good cause 😉.

A pretty sky over wild mustard.

OK, that's it for the wild mustard shots, I promise!!

 I'm not much of a plant guy. I should be, since I have my undergraduate degree in biology and took a handful of botany classes, but the names just don't seem to stay put in my brain. Anyway, posting some plant shots today because there were some really pretty blooms on the oil property. These were all taken using my telephoto lens, which, surprisingly, takes great flower shots.

 Leaves of three, right?? Pretty sure this is poison oak. The bush was huge... probably 12' high and 15' wide, with many bushes this size in the area. I kept my distance.

 I have no clue what this, or the flower below, is. The flower above with the white blooms wasn't as common as the orange flowers below, which was all over the place.

The prickly pear cactus were really putting on a show.

Had I taken the photo below at night, the flower would have been open. Jimson weed is a powerful hallucinogen and has been used as a "vision-producer" by the ancients (and the not so ancient!). However, it can be fatally toxic in only slightly higher doses than those used as an hallucinogen.
Datura (aka Jimsonweed, aka Devin's Trumpet). 

Really nice of this little guy to hold still so I could take his picture. Is it just me, or does he look a little bit grumpy??
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

In a Sea of Yellow

I posted previously about this abandoned oil field property called Coyote Hills here: Pave Paradise. It had been a few months and I had the urge to visit again, and perhaps check out a different section of the property. The area has been vacant for many years now. It's beauty lies in the fact that it's been totally off limits to the public and has reverted back to its "natural" state. As it turns out, the big hole in the fence is still there (actually, there are now two), which makes me think Chevron doesn't care too much if people want to go in and explore. The property will likely be developed soon.
These oil field maintenance roads crisscross the property. They were paved at one time, but much of the pavement has eroded away over the years and they look more like jeep trails now.
Lots of flowers blooming this time of year. Probably the dominant flowering plant is wild mustard (actually a highly invasive weed that has naturalized throughout California).
Fluffy cloud over wild mustard flowers.


In a sea of yellow... the entire background turns to a greenish-yellow as you get your camera close to individual flowers.
Closer still....

Super close!!!

From the hills of this property, you can get a pretty good view of downtown Los Angeles (20 miles away as the crow flies). With a 400mm lens, it looks much closer!! This was taken on a hazy, semi-overcast day. You could get some spectacular shots on a clear, blue sky day!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cloud Surfing

This jet reminded me of a lone surfer, trying to get out in front of the churning whitewater "wave" of a cloud. Hmm... perhaps I've been out in the sun a little too long??!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lilly at the Beach

My granddaughter joined her cousin Zoe for an overnighter at Crystal Cove State Park, CA, a few weeks ago. The b&w shot below is one of my favorite recent photos of Lilly.

Photo credit E. Parra

Photo credit E. Parra

Photo credit E. Parra
Night night!!