Thursday, July 25, 2013

Joshua Tree Skies... Color Version!

I took my inspiration for this post from Shirley who left a comment on my last post of b&w photos from Joshua Tree. She wondered what the photos looked like in color. So going back through some of the photos from that same photo shoot and sharing, this time, in color. Thanks for the comment, Shirley!
Lone Joshua Tree

Desert wash, this time in color!
My lizard friend with his red head and black & yellow body.
I used a couple textures to "grunge up" the original photo.
Leaving Joshua Tree National Park at night from the east entrance (Utah Trail), this is the view you see. That's the 29 Palms Marine Base in the far distance.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Joshua Tree Skies in B&W

My wife & I were out in 29 Palms last weekend and there were some really pretty skies, so I decided to take a quick drive into Joshua Tree National Park figuring the skies would be even better (which they were). I pulled off the main road in the Park at a somewhat random spot, grabbed camera/tripod/water bottle and went off to take some pics. I thought I would share the b&w versions... I like the look of the desert in b&w.

As I hiked in a little further, I came across a really nice sandy wash with boulders lining both sides. 

I like the rock trapped between the two boulders...
I came across this big lizard in the wash... very colorful, with a red head, yellow and black body, and a black collar, but I'll stay true to my b&w format for this post. I think he's a Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus uniformis). He was about 10" long, and very cooperative with regard to posing for his close-up! He was still posing for me as I walked away.

As the sun set and the darkness rolled in, the Joshua Trees seemed to take on a life of their own.
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Old Boots

My wife bought these old work boots at a thrift store for my sister (I think she wants to put some plants in them?), but I snagged them before she could get 'em. I like the way they look... I'm sure they could tell an interesting story, and I see photo-opportunities in their future!! I'm hoping sister is OK waiting for a bit :-)
Hope your weekend was a good one.
Went into Joshua Tree last night, so hope to post some photos later this week.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Sunset I Almost Missed!

My wife & I were hard at work on our desert cabin project last Saturday, and as I wiped the sweat off my forehead and set my calk gun down, I noticed a bright red sun on the horizon.

It was a cooker of a day, and I have a photo from earlier in the day to prove it (110 degrees in the shade)! The sky hadn't been particularly pretty, so I wasn't expecting much of a sunset.

As the sun dropped lower in the horizon, the sunset really became pretty...

Following the sunset, the sky took on some incredible colors. May be the hotter the day, the better the sunset??
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