Thursday, May 26, 2016

Somewhere Near Cabazon...

I was driving out to the Joshua Tree area a couple weeks ago, on Interstate 10 heading east near Cabazon. I was in a hurry, but I couldn't resist pulling off the road for some cloud shots. The skies were just too incredible to be ignored!! It's important to be flexible and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, don't you agree??
An added bonus: As I was taking this shot, I could hear a train off in the distance chugging toward me!

Ya gotta love desert trains framed by beautiful skies!
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sand Dunes

Just a couple miles from our desert house are sand dunes hidden in the folds of some hills. They're not visible from the main road, but for some reason the sand must get trapped in the area during high winds. It's a fun place to take a jeep and a camera!
The hills on the horizon are the northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park. It's called the "Wonderland of Rocks" and for good reason. Our house is over there somewhere on the right.

Something about those ripples in the sand that are irresistible from a photography point-of-view!

My granddaughter loved the challenge of climbing the dunes!

...And did a little happy dance once she reached the top!

Making a sand angel!

A giant sand box??!

All too soon it was getting dark and time to head home.
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

From the Desert to the City (Part 2)

Last week I shared the first half of my walking tour over to the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Let me pick up where I left off. First order of business: Refueling for the second half of my walk!
Cheeseburger, fries, and a cold one (or was it two?) and I'm ready to head over to Chinatown.

Mandatory cable car shot!
I like that little sliver of sky!
Old St. Mary's Cathedral, wedged in between Chinatown shops, a fortune-teller across the street, and the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park. What an amazing mix of cultures!
Dr. Sun Yat Sen... more information can be found here.

Always lots of energy and activity in Chinatown!

City of Hong Kong (San Francisco)
Dragon's Gate... entrance to Chinatown (although it was my exit).

Made it back to my hotel room just in time to enjoy the sunset!
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

From the Desert to the City (Part 1)

OK, so a change of scenery for me. A departure from my usual desert shots. I was in San Francisco about a week ago and had a free evening, so took the opportunity to wander around the city with my iPhone. I started my walk at the Marriott (4th Street and Mission) and headed over to the Embarcadero area. Check back next week as we walk from the Embarcadero to China Town, then back to the Marriott. Now, sit back and enjoy the tour!

Oakland Bay Bridge as seen from Ferry Plaza

Port of San Francisco... film noir?
High-rise shots helped out by dramatic skies!

Sometimes you have to search for that sliver of sky...

Do you see the head profile with the nose sticking out?
Newer fire escape...
And an older fire escape...
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