Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Across the Street from Mr. Wiesner's Store

As if Mr. Wiesner's abandoned store way out in the middle of the desert wasn't strange enough, here's what you see looking directly across Highway 62 on the other side of the street.
Quite a view, eh? A larger-than-life rendition of the flag-planting on Iwo Jima. A pretty good likeness, too. Here's the US Postage stamp, 1945 issue, for comparison purposes.
There's also a large military vehicle and trailer right next to the flag-planters. All combined, it creates a powerful image!

Another view of the military truck in b&w with the lonely desert hills in the background. Maybe this little outpost makes more sense when you realize the location... about 35 miles from the 29 Palms Marine Base. Even so, it seems very surreal to see this scene, so far out in the desert, virtually in the middle of nowhere, as you're driving along on Highway 62! Oh, and it might have brought a few extra customers into Mr. Wiesner's store.


  1. I've been on Highway 62 a couple of times and just don't remember seeing the store or this across the street. Guess I'll have to go back down there again someday.

  2. Great photos! And that statue and truck would certainly have brought him customers!!!

  3. Cool shots! I especially like the back lighting for the silhouettes and the flag.

  4. Interesting...something most might drive past and not notice, thanks for stopping and taking great photos..
    I like the last one best.

  5. rather unique and poignant. hmmm.