Thursday, July 12, 2018

Twin Tanks Hike #3

6.8 miles, 18,711 steps, and 13 floors later, my friend Pat Tillett and I still hadn't found what we were looking for. This was my third hike in the Twin Tanks area, and Pat and I were on the lookout for some petroglyphs.

After hiking in, across, and around the maze of desert washes that criss-cross the area, we came to a dead end. The dry fall (above photo) blocks further progress up the wash. The good news is that we were getting close. Rumor has it that the petroglyphs are somewhere beyond this dryfall. How far beyond we had no clue, but we don't give up easily!

Pat checking out signs of Native American activity
We decided to backtrack, look for an easy way to exit the wash, and circle around the hills. Our goal was to eventually reconnect with the wash about a half mile or so beyond the dryfall "dead end". I had studied the area carefully on Goggle Earth and told Pat it should be easy. Ha, was I ever wrong!! Like I said, 6.8 miles, 18,711 steps, and 13 floors later and nothing to show for it. Well, that's not true. No petroglyphs, but we had a great hike, saw lots of cool stuff, and took lots of photos. The petroglyphs will wait for another day! Here are some of the photos.

Exiting the wash gives us a nice view of the Pinto Basin.

Yours truly holding a pottery sherd that Pat found. 

Pat checking out one of the two tanks that Twin Tanks is named after.

Alien seed pod? Dinosaur egg??

This alien pod appears to have hatched. Uh ohh.....

Pat finds this curious rock design waaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere. After a bit of study, he figures out it's a compass and the headings are accurate!

Lego rock? Binoculars??

 Finally!!! We make it back to (what we think is) the wash about 1/2 mile or so above the dry fall. Unfortunately, we hit an impassable dead end after just a short distance.

Emoji rock??
Mushroom rock?

No shortage of rocks, that's for sure!

I think this is the little alien UFO that NASA's been looking for. Or perhaps 1/2 an avocado??
Photo credit: P. Tillett

Big huge square rock. No other big rock formations in this area, and it really stands out when you see it!

Big, open desert vistas on this hike. One of those hikes where it's hard to look down to see where you are putting your feet!
Shortly after sunset the sky lit up in amazing colors! So we never did find the petroglyphs, but the beautiful skies and great hike made for an outstanding day!

Twin Tanks, we will be back!!

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  1. Wow, what an adventure. Sometimes it is all in the looking rather than the finding. I'm sure you will regroup and find it later.

  2. Awesome some stunning photos especally the sunset

  3. A spectacular landscape! The sunset shots are particularly beautiful.

  4. As they say, don't give up. :) Excellent photos and such a stunning sunset.

  5. What a treat for a rock lover or is it lover of rocks? Anyhow, you have inspired me to learn my new camera.

  6. Great story, even better images. I love what you've done!!

  7. Intriguing rock formations but the last few photos of the sunset blow me away

  8. Stunning pics. Great skyviews.
    Thanks for the post.

  9. Hey Pete! As usual your photos are gorgeous. You really caught the feel of the place.

    We may not have accomplished our primary goal, but like you I consider that day a total success. It was a fantastic day, great company, beautiful rugged scenery, we didn't get lost, and neither of us got hurt! Both of the last two are really easy to do there.

    Best of all though was the company. Like you, I hike solo a lot and enjoy it. In fact, I'd rather hike solo then hike with most people I know. On the other hand, hiking with you is always a pleasure.

    There are a lot of great shapes in your photos. The one that looks like an avocado, really looks like an avocado. Those sunsets were amazing and your photos really show it.

  10. I really look forward to your posts because I love red rocks.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  11. What an amazing hike that must have been ! And such gorgeous skies.

  12. Beautiful skies and amazing rocks. The avocado is irresistible!
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Great looking rocks softened by time and wonderful sky. A photographers dream.

  14. All great captures but the sunset was absolutely stunning! Flaming skies like this happen only rarely in my part of the world and I'm always on the lookout for such a sky.

  15. Hello, looks like a nice hike with Pat. I love the rock formations, avocado, compass and the beautiful sunset. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  16. What wonderful sky shots! Awesome ~ and the photo series of rock formations is fascinating!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Somehow I just knew you and Pat would be best buddies SPP ☺ Fantastic hike and you did make some fascinating discoveries, the compass for one. Really fabulous series of desert images, the rock formations are incroyable, my fav is emoji rock 😀 Happy weekend.

  18. As usual, enjoyed your photos, especially Avocado Rock, the Compass (wow) and that sunset. Shared this one on Facebook.

  19. What an exciting adventure! You did find some interesting rock formation such as the alien pod, binoculars, emoji, etc. I am sure you will go back again.

  20. Another great series with stunning pics !

  21. We know nothing like this space here in England and really love tagging along with you on your hikes. Good to see photos of you and Pat - I note that you are both well equipped for your adventures. The lego rock looks like a nose - not mine!

  22. Stunningly beautiful rock formations and skies! I have trouble meeting my 10,000 step goal, and now that we have sold our three-story condo in Illinois I live on one level.

  23. You've found some amusing shapes this time and how cool that PT is with you. You're little alien UFO reminds me of a piece of Ferrero Roche candy. I'm glad you found that emoji rock amusing because I'd be hightailing it out of there after catching site of that evil looking thing. Lego or dog's nose? Jaw dropping set as usual and I'm really drawn to that wide shot pic of Pat where he looks like he's being swallowed up in the rocks.

  24. Wow, some gorgeous shots there! And thanks for visiting my blog!

  25. Hi! Your photos are truely beautiful. Nice adventure you had! Thanks for dsharing.

  26. ahhhhhhh

    great hike...I wish I could tag along one day.

    I miss rocks. Not a lot in Florida.

    Wonderful skies.


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  28. Wonderful hike in spite of not meeting your goal. Just beautiful and fun to have a like-minded (and just as athletic) friend to share with.