Sunday, January 16, 2011

Das Boot!

Just finishing up a relaxing weekend out in 29.  My sister over at Lap Dog Knits blogspot had this old "birdhouse boot" that she gave me.  Actually, I think it came from our cousin, but I digress... It definitely looks like it belongs in the desert.  Very creative idea.  Has a shingle roof, a horseshoe, and everything!

Turns out the boot posed a photographic challenge, with the bright background and the boot hanging in the deep shadows.  On my first attempt the boot was so dark you could hardly see it!  I have a new camera I am trying to figure it out (underscore trying), so I think I was able to get the flash in manual mode and use it for fill. Boy, remember the old days when cameras actually used film and there was no such thing as automatic anything?  My new Cannon Rebel has so many bells and whistles it makes me dizzy!  However, I sure do like the convenience of film-free shooting.

In the afternoon, we drove from 29 Palms to Cottonwood Spring in Joshua Tree National Park.  This is a fairly long drive (about an hour and 15 minutes), and helps to put the size of the park in perspective.  We wanted to go on a short hike to "Morton's Mill" but unfortunately couldn't find the trailhead. We will have to save it for a future visit.  We did manage to hike around in the Cottonwood Spring wash, which was very pretty.  We came across these two red barrel cactus seemingly growing out of solid rock!!

On the drive back to 29, couldn't resist pulling the car over to take this quick pic of the pink sunset!

Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park


  1. All the pictures are great, BUT I have to give the award to the sunset!! glad you took time and stopped and enjoyed the scene.
    Sounds like another restful weekend, the only thing missing is your sister as your neighbor out there:(

  2. I, too, am learning manual mode. I actually got my first decent photo yesterday! I usually just put it on landscape, point, and shoot! Now I have to think about lighting and aperature!