Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun with Photos - Learning How to Get Creative!

As I continue my quest to learn the world of digital photography, I took a baby step this weekend.  There's a program called "Photo Shop Elements 8" on our old downstairs computer.  It barely chugs along on this old computer... probably very memory intensive, but at least it works.   I've been playing around with it off and on for a couple weeks and finally figured out how to get creative this weekend.  It was like a light bulb going off!  There are all kinds of filters and special effects you can apply, so wanted to share a couple on my blog.  Enjoy!

My sister and cousin-in-law out in Wonder Valley - this effect is called "Cut Out"

This effect is called "Smudge Stick" - subtle but interesting.

Pretty sunrise looking out our backyard in 29 Palms...

Same picture as above with "Colored Pencil" effect added!

Looking down our driveway to the NW

Same photo as above with "Glowing Edges" applied.  Yikes!

Kitchen windowbox with wife's collection of African Violets

"Colored Pencil" effect... very cool!!


  1. Oh, I'm enjoying all the effects! I don't have anything on my laptop, so I just use Picnik on occasion. Hubby has Photoshop, but I've never used it myself. He constantly adjusts his photos. Glad you had fun with the program.

  2. Hey, are there wildflowers up your way? I'm thinking about driving out to Joshua Tree next weekend.

  3. Great pics...I think you should use "cut out" on all sister's pictures!!
    Looking forward to getting out there again and getting some blooming pics and seeing new views from Joshua Tree, counting the days.

  4. Not many flowers yet that I'm seeing. Just noticing a few along the sides of the road, but guessing we're still a couple or few weeks off. Thanks for your comments!