Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lizard in the Sink!

While out exploring in Wonder Valley last Saturday, we came across an old homestead cabin (long since abandoned).  The roof was caved in, and a strong wind could have brought the whole place down! Here's the view from outside the kitchen window looking in:

From inside the cabin, looking out (actually, not too smart of me to go in this place!).  Note the lizard in the sink!

 This was the only other intact window in the cabin.  I switched my camera setting to monochrome to add to the antiquated feeling.

Old single bed springs outside the cabin.

I rescued this guy out of the sink.  He was very sluggish, and I'm guessing, nearly starved.  Based on a quick Google search, I'm guessing he is a Common Side Blotched lizard, which is probably the most commonly seen lizard in the CA deserts.  Hope he was able to survive!!


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  1. I'm sure if the guy could talk he'd be saying "thanks buddy" for the hand up and out of the sink
    Nice pics, I like the black n white bed mattress, seems like Roy Rogers should be somewhere in the background