Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evening Walk

We headed out of town earlier than usual (Thursday afternoon).  Usually we head out to 29 Palms on Friday nights, but Easter Sunday required a schedule change.  We left an overcast Orange County with temps in the '60s and 2 hours later opened our front door in 29 Palms where it was a balmy 80 degrees, blue skies, no wind, and dang near perfect!

After dinner we took a walk up our "street" (the streets out here are unpaved, sandy roads) to the rocks.  My wife found this strange formation on the ground caused (I think) by ants - in the shape of an almost perfect heart!

I carried my tripod with me so I could take some long exposure shots after sunset and try another panorama pic.  The tripod helps to line up the individual photos, but I'm still having problems with the edges of the photos coming together... they don't blend very well.  If you look closely, you can see where the pictures come together (total of 3 pics for this panorama).  I used Adobe Lightroom to enhance the sky a little, but only a little... it was a really pretty sunset!

My neighbor Bob's ocotillo is in full bloom.  He must be watering it, because mine aren't blooming!

There's a little pink homestead place at the end of the road.  The owner only comes out and uses it once or twice a year.  It's really photogenic around sunset, and pretty much impossible to walk by without snapping a picture.  Here's the view from the front porch looking out toward Highway 62... spectacular!


  1. You really get some beautiful sunsets up there! The Alabama Hills are just west of Lone Pine, CA, along Highway 395. They are an hour south of Bishop. Lots of movies have been filmed there.

  2. Sure wish I was standing there too with my Canon.....but alas, it's another hardhat day for me.
    Looking forward to seeing more from "Pics" over the weekend