Friday, April 22, 2011

Where the Pavement Ends

After dinner tonight, my wife and I took a drive on Lear Ave. out toward the marine base in 29 Palms.  We had been out this road before, but never to the end, so curious to see what things looked like at the end of the road.  It's actually a pretty busy road, with many folks taking the paved portion of this road out to the base.

After heading north about 4-5 miles or so, you come to Pole Line Road (follows the telephone poles east to west), which is where the pavement ends.  If you pick up the Auto Club map of "Yucca Valley/29 Palms Area", it only shows as far north as Pole Line, but Lear Ave. actually continues on as a washboard sandy road for another 3-4 miles.  Right at pavement end, there are some good photo opportunities... an old abandoned water tower, abandoned homes, and also a bunch of mail boxes which remind me of Rural America... I guess mail doesn't get delivered beyond this point!
My wife noticed these incredible vapor trails... very cool!
Mailboxes at the end of paved section of Lear Road
Old, abandoned water tower.

Nothing left of this place but the 2x4's
Rock-lined pathway to the outhouse.

Two or 3 miles past pavement end, we stopped at some old homestead cabins.  If you follow my blog, you know I have a weakness for them!  They are so interesting and intriguing... each one tells a different story.
Broken out windows that were just capturing the last of the late afternoon sunlight.

Pretty sky and sunset behind jackrabbit homestead cabin. 

Wow... I think this cabin's days are numbered. Looks like the next heavy wind could bring it down.

Finally, the very end of Lear Ave. at the 29 Palms Marine Base.  Everything beyond this point for many miles is the base.  It's been a fun evening... well worth the trip to see the sights and take some photos!
Intriguing to look out on the base... "the largest Marine Base in the world".  We frequently hear the deep booms of artillery fire.

Oh yes, and no doubt about it... they don't want civilians on Marine Corps property!!!

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  1. We were up in Ridgecrest this weekend to feed the mustangs at the BLM corrals there. The corrals are right across from the China Lake naval station. Believe me, it is fortified!!! Wow. Nice sky photos. You seem to have more clouds than we do!