Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun with Monochrome

Sticking around the house this weekend and not taking any pictures, so a great time to go back into the archives and do some developing.  I was playing around in Lightroom converting some pics to B&W, and they came out pretty good.  Some of the desert pics look really good... perhaps better... in B&W!
Homestead cabin somewhere in Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley Homestead cabin... great sky in B&W!

Target practice desert car

Mystery photographer... look at those clouds!


  1. I agree, I like some better in B&W...the top photo is my favorite. The mystery photographer is good too - wonder what happened to the picture she was taking?
    Hope you can get there again soon for more shooting!

  2. I agree, too! I need to do more with black and white. I really like your 2nd photo! The cloud contrast is striking. Can't wait for some thunderheads this summer!