Sunday, May 1, 2011

Market Street Gig 2011

I play guitar in a band called Scoop DeVille... for the most part, a bunch of old fogeys who enjoy playing music.  We're actually pretty good... we've been playing together for a lot of years, and we've steadily improved (at least that's my perception!).

Today we played our annual "Market Street" gig - a small church on Market St. in north Long Beach that does an annual fundraiser.  This is a poor community, largely Hispanic, and we (that band) feel fortunate to be a part of the fundraiser.  The organizer gave us an award today and pointed out this is the 11th consecutive year Scoop DeVille has donated our time to play the fundraiser (jeez... 11 years!!?).
Bruce, our Band Leader, accepting the plaque.
Didn't have my camera with me today... these photos were taken on my iTouch, which really takes a decent photo in a pinch.
Setting up... Brad (percussion), Bruce (bass/keyboard) and Tod (drums)

Before and after we played, they had local talent... church members performing folklorico dancing, Hawaiian dancing, even Elvis dancers in past years!
Hawaiian dancers

Jugos (juices)

Everyone was invited on to the stage to learn the hula!

Folklorico dancers

Tear down and load up the trailer after the gig - don't they have roadies for this!?

Backstage view

Overall, a good gig today.  A good crowd and they seemed to enjoy the music.  No major mess-ups, so I guess year 12, here we come!

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