Sunday, July 22, 2012

Remembering Vinyl

My nephew and I were talking about different "props" we could use for last weekend's photo shoot with the models out in the desert. He asked me if I had any old harmonicas, and it really got the wheels turning. Yes indeed, I still have a number of my old harmonicas in various keys (and in various states of rust). I even have an old Bob Dylan style harmonica holder. Music was a huge influence on my life, and Dylan was a favorite of mine in the early days. I'm a self-taught guitar player, and I still have a lot of the old chord books you used to be able to buy at the music stores (which are mostly gone now) to learn the chord changes on the vinyl album you just bought! We ended up not using these props, but I had to take a few pictures before packing them up!
"Another Side of Bob Dylan" was release in 1964, and Dylan was very much still in acoustic mode. There are no credits to any other musicians, and if memory serves, this was just Dylan's vocals, his acoustic guitar, and his harmonica worn around his neck. Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful. Albums were just beginning to be recorded in stereo, which was a big deal back then. Columbia Records called it "360 Sound", and every family needed to have a "stereo" in the house (followed by every teenager needing to have a stereo in his/her bedroom)!!

The entire back side of the album cover contains Dylan's poetry, and for me personally, the music and song lyrics have absolutely stood the test of time, but not so much the poetry. 
I think I'll continue to hang on to all my old vinyl. I still have my Sansui stereo system from college, although the turntable doesn't work anymore. I'm looking forward to either getting it fixed or finding a used one somewhere. It will be like stepping into a time portal... playing my old vinyl on my 40 year-old stereo system. I may need to find some bell bottoms somewhere to complete the experience!!
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  1. :) i hope you can get your turntable fixed!

  2. I have...or rather had those 3 Dylan albums along with several more but sold them all to a local record store when we moved. Its okay as I have every one of his albums on CD. I have that same harmonica holder and 3 harmonicas too but cannot play guitar. What's next? Load all my Dylan into that little Apple gadget my wife got for me?

  3. The times may be changing - but something's last a little bit better than others!

    Nice reminder that you dont always need the most whiz bang stuff to make good music - or take good pictures.

    Stewart M.

  4. Nice dive in the past. Like it.

  5. What a great post...takes me back too!

  6. My mother was so cheap and frugal my entire life. I threatened to move to CA if she didn't buy me a stereo and she caved and bought it! I couldn't believe it. I don't think she saw me again for 3 years after that since I listened to rock music 24/7. Great post and accompanying photo!

  7. Terrific post and great photos ~~ namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  8. NIce post. I still hang on to my old vinyl records and I have a record player all set up. It's quite a ritual to now put one on to listen to.