Monday, July 14, 2014


Can you guess what this is? I'm sure the answer is no, it's too abstract.
How about now?
No? Let's make the points even smaller...
OK, now you can probably tell what it is. Below is the original image, which was taken in Joshua Tree National Park a few weeks ago.

Pointillize is a filter in PhotoShop (and probably many other photo editing programs as well) that turns the image into multiple "points". The cool thing is you can select the size of the points, which allows you to do some pretty interesting edits. Not sure it works well for this image (I think I like the original best), but fun to play around with!


  1. How cool! But I do prefer the original.

  2. Thanks for the seeing lesson

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    Henry Miller

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. I like playing around with the various edits, filters, and software that is out there. I don't worship "SOOC" and I am not even sure what that means with so many options to edit pics in camera.

  4. How fun. I do appreciate all the artistic things one can do in PS or with apps, but I am partial to the original. Your photos of Joshua Tree always make me want to book a flight.

  5. I love the effect, and it's interesting to see it come into focus with smaller dots. Beautiful shot!

  6. Cool shots. I like the original best too, but find your edit interesting :)


  7. It took me a couple of photos to figure it out. The photo is beautiful...