Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time For Camera Service?

Yes, definitely for my camera! With all my dusty desert photography and bouncing around in my Jeep, my Canon 5D Mark II has taken a beating. I've been noticing lots of dust spots on my images. I've owned this camera about three years, I bought it used, and I've never had it serviced. Fortunately, there's a Canon factory service center fairly close to home (in Costa Mesa, CA). I took it in last week, and thought I would share the experience. First of all, if you're a Canon camera lover, you will love visiting one of the Canon USA locations. All of their camera models are on display, from point-and-shoots to the high-end Canon 1D, and all are fully functional with high-end lenses. A great opportunity to check out and compare cameras.
You may want to leave your credit card at home...
Too much temptation...
With all these cameras and lenses on display!
Pretty nice, right?
They also have a nice display of vintage cameras. That Canon F1 (bottom center) was what I used for years back in my film days.
They also have a viewing center with these cool red chairs.
And some great photography on display.
It cost me $49 to get everything cleaned... sensor, focusing screen, mirror, even the exterior camera body. They also installed new firmware. Seems like a bargain to me! I dropped it off mid-afternoon, and it was ready the next morning by 9 AM (had I dropped it off before noon, it would have been ready the same day). Have you ever noticed dust spots on your images? Every had your DSLR serviced?


  1. So you were not tempted bt the 5D mkIII then or getting a 7DII asa backup. Unfortunatly we don't seem to have the same level of service over in the UK or I'd be going there. Mind you mine does not get such a beating with dust like yours.

  2. fascinating!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  3. I'm a Canon user. Wish there were something similar here for cameras.

  4. Sounds great. Here in the Netherlands we have several possibilities to get your stuff cleaned or repaired. By individual repair centers or shops not bounded by a brand or by the brands themselves. I have used both possibilities but the Netherlands are so small that you always can find one not to far away.

  5. Hmm, now I am wanting to see how close a Canon service center is to Tulsa. Not that my camera needs serviced but I want to see all the stuff they have. My old point and shoot has a big dust spot. I'd pay $49 to get it cleaned.

  6. Even though I have a Nikon I would still enjoy visiting this place. $49 is a bargain. My local camera store charges $99 and they send it off to some guy in the next town. Makes me wonder what the camera store is making off of this. Then the time frame - next day, makes it all the better.

  7. Great price to clean the camera, it would involve more costs, to ship the camera. You're lucky to live near a Canon place. Love the shots you took of the place. I read about the firmware online. Is it for certain Canon Caneras or all of them?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. I think this is for all Canon cameras, although the rep told me if they are too old they may refuse to service them.

  8. Does seem like a great price as long as you closed your eyes to all the temptation in the aisles!!

    My cameras have always been cheapies (as I'm sure you've guessed). On my first one, when I started seeing spots , especially on blue skies, I learned that the lens can't be cleaned. Probably the same thing with the slightly upgraded one I replaced it with. I'm afraid to go much higher, because my pictures probably still wouldn't be much better. They say it has something to do with the person behind the lens ;>)!

  9. Lucky you! I had to wait a couple of weeks for my unit to be returned. They did a great job but I protested the proposed charge and they ended up doing the work for free. My camera was just out of warranty and the rubber armor over the handhold was coming loose because it was poorly fitted in the first place. An internet search led me to many other similar complaints with my model, so they admitted it was their error and even shipped it back for free, all fixed and cleaned up! Can't complain now.

  10. I use Camera West in Rancho Mirage for all camera 'tweakings'. Love them, love their service and a sensor cleaning is $50. If they can do a repair without busting out specialised equipment they usually won't even charge me.

  11. I have some strange white streaks showing up on my pics, but I can't see any scratches. I need to take mine in for a look-see. Probably won't be a neat place like this though. We don't have those around here.

  12. Wow -amazing camera centre! I had mine cleaned about 18 months ago. It had to be sent away and took about three weeks and cost a fortune!

  13. I just checked online at Canon last week to see the cost of service on my Canone Rebel, 89.00 plus shipping cost there and back and a 3 week wait... this is a real deal and good it is close. we don't have one anywhere near us.

  14. I costs me $40 to get mine cleaned and I'm WAY overdue! With all the dust and hay up at the horse ranch...OYE!
    Sorry for being AWOL, but I don't use this blog much anymore...I'm over at Deep Canyon daily now.
    Cheryl Ann