Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Light of the Desert Sun

We spent the weekend out near Joshua Tree, and one of the big highlights was taking our Jeep out to the middle of nowhere looking for a mine.  I'll save that post for later (it's a good one!)... but wanted to share a few photos from yesterday afternoon.  The last 10 or 15 minutes before the sun sets are extremely magical out in the desert!  And for some reason, seems like the more remote you get, the more magical and interesting things are!
"Aliens on stilts"... within a minute or two of this photo, the shadows were
gone and the sun had set!

Grabbing light rays!
My photo-model and wife... enjoying the last
rays of the day!
Wide open spaces!  See the Jeep and photo-model??
Blog addendum:  I was getting ready to pull out an old, desert weed this morning and noticed there were actually some very small flowers on the plant.  Really incredible, as the plant looked totally dead and dried out!  Anyway, grabbed my camera and macro lens and took this photo.  Wish I could identify the plant.  Oh, and decided to leave the 'dead plant' alone!
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  1. Gorgeous photos full of lots of dramatic light. Amazing!

  2. What a wonderful rare looking flower blossom. Love the color and the 'star' petals.

    EYE spy!! is my link for today.

  3. I like the parallel lines of the petals, I've never seen anything like that.

  4. I love that you had fun with your photography and your partner. Super captures out in the desert.

    Happy Halloween! :)

  5. Love the vast open spaces...I don't have enough of that where I live! Great macro shot!!

  6. Great shots. The third one is stunning.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Absolutely wonderful photos.
    Your flower photo for MM is lovely.

  8. ET Phone Home! The stilt-walking aliens and the flare hand are my faves. Great shots; very creative.

  9. PS, I love the way the sun forms a circle around itself as it sets. I have never noticed that before. Or, is that part of your processing?

  10. I love the long 'alien' shadows and catching the sun rays and that little flower is a gem!

  11. What a pretty looking flower - good thing you didn't pull it.

    Happy MM

  12. Such beautiful macro shot of the flower and the desert photos was wonderful!

  13. Hi there - thanks for the visit and the "follow".

    Great pictures - the long shadows are great.


  14. Superb shadow shots - and a delicate, little flower.

  15. I've been to Joshua Tree!
    I agree about the desert being magical in the fading light.