Friday, October 14, 2011

A Quick Midwest Visit!

I had the chance to visit family this week.  My aunt lives in a beautiful suburb west of Chicago.  We were very lucky, as the weather was absolutely perfect.  Fall is setting in, so a really nice change of pace from my usual scenery in So. Cal.  Anyway, wanted to share a few photos from my trip. Happy SkyWatch Friday!
Morton Arboretum.  Thanks to my sister over at Lap Dog Knits for letting me
use her camera!!
Morning stroll at the Morton Arboretum
Fall colors!

Old Lock on graveyard fence
The old house next door
Vintage Oberweis milk in glass bottle!
Typeset wall decor

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  1. Lovely finds in Chicago. That tree is magical, the way you shot it looks like it is one tree!

  2. Love the translucent green bug's-eye view with the flare, and the tawny brown leaves framing the afternoon sun. It reminds me of the moving "Fern Gully." It even looks like there is a bug (or a fairy) in the top left side of the screen amidst the fall leaves!

  3. Beautiful autumn pics! I like the sun peering through the leaves in the first photo.

  4. I love the last photo the best...great shots all of them...

  5. beautiful fall colors ... perhaps we will make a drive to sica hollow this weekend for lots of red, orange and gold. thanks for checking out my post too. xoxo from the prairie.

  6. Thanks for sharing your visit to the Chicago area...absolutely love the fall colors.

  7. Great autumn pics! And the house next door looks so intriguing. Thanks for your kind comment, I was really pleased with myself for having climbed that mountain :)

  8. The colours are lovely and your photos are beautiful.

  9. Wow, these are beautiful! I really like your blog, it reminds me of mine. I am your newest follower. Take care.

    Kathy M.