Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Reunion in the Desert

We enjoyed a near perfect weekend out near Joshua Tree this weekend... temps in the mid-70's, light breeze, and blue skies! The best part is my wife and I were joined by my mom, sister, my cousin and his wife, and my aunt for a mini-reunion. I say "near" perfect because my other cousin and his wife weren't able to join us this year, so we really missed seeing them. But there's always next year, right? (or sooner??).
My wife, mom, and aunt enjoying a desert sunset!
My cousin and his wife, Geology Tour Road,
Joshua Tree
My sister and aunt, hiking along Geology Tour Road.
Desert blooms in a wash behind the house...
linking to Macro Monday
Pondering a black hole... a mine opening along
Geology Tour Road
Tailgate lunch (provided by Lap Dog Knits... thanks!!!) along
Geology Tour Road in Joshua Tree
Exploring an abandoned desert homestead cabin.
Night shot... looking west towards the village of Joshua Tree
Night sky last night (2/25/12)... I think that's Venus next to
the moon, and Jupiter at the very top of the photo.
F8, 50 sec. exposure, iso 400, 25mm focal length.  Hope 
your weekend was a good one!


  1. Perfect weekend! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it.

  2. Beautiful night time photo...and the 'black hole' that copper?

    My Monday's Post Link is: Morning Dew

  3. Wonderful pictures. Lovely night scapes.

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  4. What a wonderful weekend! Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we all had a family dinner in Indio. Gorgeous night shots! We actually drove over to San Juan Capistrano for the weekend and drove home Sunday afternoon.

  5. Love your shots. That hole is interesting but for sure I would never dare to enter, lol!


  6. love the first and last shots. wonderfully done! and all the shots in between showing you and yours doing what you love best! :)

  7. Such a magnificent landscape to share with family. Love bouldering at Joshua Tree. You've captured it well.

  8. that seems like a great weekend! beautiful photos, as always, the one on top is my favorite!

  9. Anytime in the desert is nice. Really like that final shot.

  10. Fun weekend and fantastic photos ~ thanks ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with Macro Mon

  11. All are beautiful photos. The last nightscape is gorgeous!

  12. Wonderful range of photos. The scenery and night sky are spectacular. A great location for a family reunion, building memories together.

  13. Great shots!
    Was that a cave? No one went in did they? :)
    Beautiful night shot!
    I was out trying to get the moon and venus and jupiter just tonight. Nothing like you achieved.

  14. Wow it looks like you had an awesome trip. The shot of the Bee on the desert bloom was great and those night sky shots, amazing!

  15. I so love photos of this part of the country. I really want to visit.

  16. Great photos. Death Valley has a little festival next weekend. I've got to make it out to Joshua Tree village someday. =)

  17. Wow, that last shot is spectacular! Also the first with the receding dirt road is as well...