Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Francisco, Day #3

Well, according to all the locals we've spoken with, we somehow managed to pick the absolute nicest day of 2012 to travel up the cost! I guess temps in the 80s and blue skies are quite rare on the north coast!! There's good and bad with that. I guess the good is obvious, but the bad is we hit an incredible amount of traffic... from the moment we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and got on Highway 1, the traffic crawled (that's a generous description... it was mostly at a standstill).
Line of cars creeping up Route 1
Yikes! That's a seriously crowed beach!!
Stinson Beach seemed to be the popular destination. Whoa, look at that crowd... looks like Huntington Beach in July!! OK, enough of my whining. Other than the traffic, we had a really incredible day. Here are two of my favorite photos from this morning.
Golden Gate Bridge, View North:

Golden Gate Bridge, View South:
Hope to post again tomorrow. Wishing you a wonderful 
and relaxing weekend!


  1. Wow. The north side golden gate bridge shot is breathtaking. Have you on the south side been to the houseboat community of Sausolito. That is also fantastic to see.

  2. beautiful photos of the bridge - hope the car was not a sporty manual transmission with that traffic!!
    enjoy the weekend, looking forward to more pics.

  3. I have never seen the bridge in person before...these are great! Glad to hear you had pleasant weather.

  4. wow! love that shot 'under' the bridge! beautiful!

  5. Of all the years we lived in California and rode the Harley up and down the coast, not once did we ever make it to SF to see the Golden Gate Bridge! Great shots!

  6. It is rare to see so much blue sky around SF. And all the slow traffic means you got to gawk at the ocean view easier. Great shots of the bridge.