Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desert Crescent Moon

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!  A highlight for me is my visiting nephew, his wife, and brand-new baby girl Zoe.  It's really made the holidays special this year.  Also very memorable was a spectacular Christmas dinner with my sister (Lap Dog Knits) and her family.  
   Well, DG and I managed to escape out to the desert for a couple days (returning home tomorrow), and we were capturing a few photos as the sun was setting.  The moon was very visible, even before sunset.  Also, very cool looking because the crescent shape looks great out here in the desert sky.  I googled "today's moon" and learned that today's sky is indeed special:  "Be sure to head out after sunset to catch a close pairing of bright Venus and a thin waxing crescent moon in the western skies".
I was wondering what that bright spot below the moon was!!
You gotta look hard, but almost directly below
the crescent moon is Venus.
Crescent moon and telephone lines.
This has nothing to do with the moon, but I like the shot.  Used my
telephoto and tripod for some nice pink desert sky!
Late afternoon sun makes even mail boxes look interesting!
DG found an old frame during our wanderings.
She wasn't in the mood to smile.


  1. She may not have been in a mood to smile, but it makes me smile when I look at her picture. Great shot, and she is a great model, if I do say so myself.

  2. beautiful shots! even the non-smile one. :)

  3. I may have to remove myself from being a follower. I long for the desert and your photos are making it all that much worse for me. The framed photo is classic. I can see it hanging on a wall in your home.

  4. Cool and lovely pictures you've taken, really a different landscape then Im used to :0) Hope you had a nice Christmas, and a happy new year to you :0)

  5. Wow, great shots! I love the telephone poles and wires against the sky, the lighting on the mailboxes and the non-smiler is my favorite. :D

  6. beautiful desert pics. that row of mail boxes looks like ours when my husband was stationed in 29 palms! lucky find on the frame, makes a cute photo!

  7. I believe that is Venus. I walked out and saw it and the moon in a straight line the other night...didn't get a photo, but it sure was beautiful!

  8. Oops! I believe now that it is Jupiter. You can go to astronomy sites and check the position of the planets. Apparently Venus is out in the early morning, while Jupiter is out with the moon.

  9. Beautiful photos. Love the first one with the cresent moon and venus.

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