Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fourth Street Bridge, Los Angeles (part 1)

Well, here's a change of pace.  I had to make a trip to downtown LA this week.  Even though LA is only 45 minutes away (add qualifier used by all Southern Californians... depending on traffic), I very rarely drive up to LA.  As I was mapping out my driving route, I noticed I would be crossing the Fourth Street bridge, which is something of a landmark.  It's also been on the news because it's falling apart, and the city is debating rebuilding a vintage bridge to match the current bridge (too expensive) or a more "modern", less expensive design (too ugly, but will likely be the option that is taken).

I know nothing about bridges, but here are a few facts.  The Fourth Street Bridge was built in 1931.  The bridge allows vehicles and pedestrians to cross over the Los Angeles river, and it replaced the last wooden bridge over the river downtown.  The bridge is adorned in Gothic Revival detail.  The porticos, lighting standards, and railing are all inspired by Gothic architecture; they feel as if they've been lifted from an early European cathedral!  For this post and the next, I'm sharing some of the sights you will see when you walk the bridge.  It's a really interesting area, and I hope to go back sometime for more photos!
Walking West at the start of the Fourth Street Bridge
View north; railroad tracks skirt both sides of the LA River.
LA is a pronounced mix of old and decaying with new and modern.
View from the Fourth Street Bridge into abandoned building 
View from Fourth Street Bridge looking north towards downtown and blue LA skies!! 
Happy Skywatch Friday, and have a great weekend.  Click on this link Skywatch Friday to see more great skies from around the world.  Check back in a day or two for more photos from LA's Fourth Street Bridge!


  1. Wonderful views from the bridge. It is not easy to repeat the art of old bridge. Hence the saying, old is gold.

  2. Hi there - think I like the B/W image the most. Don’t know why really!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  3. strange, your photos are so sharp and clear they almost make my eyes hurt. :(

  4. Oh, gosh, YES! It's been a couple of years since I've been over that bridge! I used to carpool into Los Angeles when the kids were babies to get to work and cross it. I didn't know about the plans to replace it, however...glad you were able to document it. We try to avoid downtown LA whenever possible. After living in the desert now, for so long, I find the traffic in LA unbearable!!!!

  5. that abandoned building shot is superb!

  6. It has been so long since we lived there but no doubt I've been over that bridge at one time or another. Having escaped L.A. 30 some years ago, we now avoid it like the plague and know the best routes around it when heading south. Looking forward to part 2.

  7. Great series of shots! I have not photographed this place yet. My group and I have always had to reschedule the day.

    I know about the LA traffic that's why I take the subway.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  8. Fantastic blue and yellow tones in that image of the abandoned building.

    Great series of shots.

  9. Your shots are wonderful!
    Love just a peak of the bridge in the first one and can't wait to see more.
    I don't know if you altered the second shot of the train and tracks but I'm really drawn to the look of it.
    The shot into the abandoned building is awesome as others have already noted - it's my favorite of the series.
    See you in a couple days. :)

  10. Wonderful shots. I don't think I've ever crossed this bridge, but I might have since I've been in L.A. several times.

  11. A terrific series of photos! I like them all but, I must say the railroad tracks fascinated me...quite surreal.

  12. Awesome pictures. I like it!
    Happy Saturday!

  13. Wonderful pictures all of them. Looks a bit dramatic. HDR? Think no 1 is my favorite.

    Thanks for your visit:-)
    Happy weekend!

  14. Fantastic series of shots!
    thanks for sharing;o)

    Happy weekend****

  15. I love the shot into the abandoned building!!! So interesting, with some of the window panes reflecting the sky, and some broken...

  16. I find abandoned buildings fascinating photo opportunities. Your shot is superb.
    I also like the first shot with the "watch the road" sign!

  17. Loving your HDR pics! Gorgeous! :) xoxo