Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seal Beach Pier

I met a buddy of mine at Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach yesterday.  I've worked with this guy for 15 years, and we have some wonderful shared experiences... but I digress.  After a great lunch and discussing topics that will solve all the world's problems, we wished each other Merry Christmas and left.  As I drove my car down Main Street to turn around and head back home, I could see the Seal Beach pier and decided to take a walk out on the pier.  It was a beautiful December day in the mid '60s so off I went.
  The Seal Beach Pier is a wooden pier, which is kind of cool.  Many of the other S. CA piers have been rebuilt over the years and are concrete.

My favorite shot of the day.  These kids appeared to be totally enjoying themselves, on Christmas break, and hanging out at the beach without a care in the world.  Does it get any better than that??

As I was walking along the pier, I saw this boat pull up to the pier and briefly dock.  I overheard someone saying this happens daily, and the boat drops off the workers from the offshore oil platforms.  There's a sign on the pier that says "When the boat docks, reel in your fishing line".  I didn't see anyone catching anything, but quite a few lines in the water.

 View from the pier, looking north... blue skies, no crowds.  A perfect winter beach day in S. CA!  That's downtown Long Beach in the background.  The Queen Mary is near the white dome on the left.

The seagulls on the pier were extremely tame, and seemed only too happy to pose for photos!  Happy Skywatch Friday, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!  Please visit Skywatch Friday for great views of skies from around the world.


  1. Love your shots Mark!
    Christmas greetings from Holland,
    Anna :))

  2. When I went to SoCal in September to work for a week, I played hookey and went down to Seal Beach. I used to live in Long Beach, and it was a favourite spot. I saw the same boat come in several times. I think the crew guys have to leap on and off in those rough seas. There was a sign that you had to take a qualifying test. I wasn't on the pier at the time so I didn't see them do it. I also ate at Walt's. Great food. - Margy

  3. If ONLY they'd leave running the world to us bloggers! We'd sort them out!! Love the wooden pier shot - there's still quite a few like that downunder in OZ!

  4. Wonderful images!! Love the pier. I love the beach too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. How do you do it? You take a scene and transform it into something ageless and iconic. Light and peace to you!

  6. I haven't been there in YEARS! Thanks for the memories. I used to go there in high school.

  7. Aw, love that knobby-kneed Seagull. :-)

  8. Love the photo of the wooden pier .... :-)

  9. My grandparents took me fishing from the pier when I was a young lad. Later I spent many a day at Seal Beach when I was a wild teen of the 60's. Best part about both times? There were no oil rigs blotting the horizon. Time does not stand still. Thanks for stiring up some wonderful memories. Have a nice Christmas.

  10. Mmmm... i love that under the pier shot. Glad you had a great day!

  11. Great scenes of life near water. Visited SCal a few times, perverse I know but I love Redondo Beach--maybe it's the Patti Smith song...

  12. What beautiful photos - I can see why people live in southern CA. We started the morning at -4, but got all the way up to 25 degrees!

  13. Lovely shots. I used to live near Seal Beach and went there often. It's one of SoCal's best kept secrets. You did it justice:)

  14. Nice shot of your friendly seagull.

  15. Beautiful photos.

    Merry Christmas!

  16. trekking your superb blog! keep blogging and inspiring people! happy holidays!


  17. What a fine post! We are glad you shared your visit to the pier!

    Christmas blessings to you.

  18. Very nice post with great shots! you live in a wonderful place!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas time with your family and friends.

    *.*.* . + _/\_. * . * .. + . * . * . * * .. * *

    *. +. * ),” ( . * . + * . +. + . * .+ . * + . * . * . * .


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    ……. /_____\\\……*Silent Night,

    …. {`______`}\\….* , + * Star Above,



    …{………u….`-”}\\\..+ *.*.+.*.+ Blessed Gifts

    … {………………}\…..*,+*.._/\_ * + . of hope

    …. /{…………..}\\………*,..>,”< + * *+and love,

    … /….”…………”…\\…*……..*

    .. /_/……`”`…..\\\\_\\..* + ., * * , +*

    ..{__}##{ ]##{__}\

    ..(_/\\\\\\\|\\\\\_/\\_)\..Have a Joyous Christmas Season!

    …….|___|___|\\……..+ * , . * ** * , . * +




    …………..MERRY CHRISTMAS……………..

  19. Hi there - I think piers have a kind of attraction that is hard to explain - maybe it’s the sensation of walking on water - but I like them.

    When we go away for the summer (Christmas) break we often spend time wander on piers.

    Cheers Stewart M - Australia

  20. I especially love the first shot! I hope you had a Merry Christmas :)

  21. pretty cool collection! i liked the 1st and 3rd shots.

    My Third Eye

  22. Thanks for your Skywatch comment a couple of weeks ago. I'm really slow to get round Skywatch posts what with festive busy-ness!
    I'm envying you your Southern California blue skies. It must be so lovely to walk outside wearing a T-shirt.

  23. Beautiful post.

    I wish all the best to you and your beloved ones in the New Year.
    Much health, happiness, love and of course many wonderful posts and photos :)