Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creative Gardening in the Land of Little Water

My wife has all the creative and artistic talent in the family.  You might think that 'gardening' and 'desert' are oxymoron-type words that just don't go together, especially for weekenders who can't water very often.  After all, what can you do with prickly pear, creosote, cholla, barrel cactus, and yucca?  Well, you may have to broaden your definition of what a 'garden' is, but with a dash of creativity and a pinch of humor, the sky's the limit!
The 'Painted Desert' with old paint cans, brushes, and even blobs of old paint.
'No Hunting' garden, complete with shotgun shells
Newly planted Saguaro cactus, with old rakes and hoes pointed outward for protection from the critters!
Baby yellow barrels (above); Old Bottle Garden (below)

 Desert Springs garden
'Love Garden' - only heart-shaped rocks allowed!

So, how many times do I have to get poked before I stop walking around the desert wearing flip-flops??!


  1. Ouch! I always wear my steel-toed boots around cholla! However, one afternoon this week, I zipped up Highway 74 to take some photos, with my flip-flops. NEVER AGAIN!

  2. I think the "wife" needs to add a "shoe/boot" garden so you can "harvest" while out on photo walks.
    The summer time and flip flops don't go hand in hand in snake territory.
    I like the assorted gardens...she's a clever gal that Wife of yours.