Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orange County Fair

A buddy of mine and I went to see Steve Miller at the OC Fair this week (great show, by the way!). While I couldn't take my camera into the concert, I did manage to get some fun pics of the fair before the concert.  Glad I took my camera (thanks to my wife for the suggestion)... just a ton of stuff to take pictures of!!

Pig Snout
Waiting to show off his pig
Ready to go to work!
Goats at the feed trough
Prizes for all!
So this is what turkeys look like??!
Crazy ride... looks like you lay stomach-down and it flings you around!
Everything you can imagine to eat!
Fried Oreos, anyone??
Collections on display
Remember Pez dispensers?  Who knew they would be collectible??
Glass blower in action
Glass "blob" coming out of the kiln
End result... hand-blown glass!
First horsey ride... looks like she has the steering figured out! 


  1. looks like a good time for kids n pigs .....fried oreos....gotta try that steve miller photos?

  2. No, they wouldn't let me take my camera in. Otherwise, it would have been a great blog post! Hope all is well in Sacramento!!