Monday, July 18, 2011

'The Girls' Have a Play Date!

Our chihuahua, Miley, is about 3 months old now.  My sister's chihuahua, Annie, is closer to middle age.  We got them together for a play date on Sunday.  Miley's a bundle of energy... running and jumping non-stop, and making a total pest of herself!  But Annie is very patient and gentle, and the two dogs really seem to enjoy each others company.  Here they are in their matching dresses!

Here's Miley basking in the sun on the back porch, chewing on a treat.

A kiss among friends!


  1. Those are cute pics...Annie's only 3 years old so I hope we'll have many long years ahead with her before we say goodby.
    I like the pic where Annie is standing over the ice filled water bowl and Miley ears are up and ready for a lesson on how to get them out.
    How would Miley feel about a squirrel costume?

  2. Please apologize to Annie for my comment about "middle aged"... it was way off-base! And Miley tells me she would be interested in trying out the squirrel costume.