Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jackass Trail's photostream

Beautiful Blue HarleyHair Flare!Wall PaintingAppropriate Hiking Attire?Ford TailgatePrickly Skies
Lightning StrikesVilla Del Sol PlazaHotel CaliforniaCalifornia CraftsmanChapman BuildingRutabegorz Restaurant
El Camino RealFullerton street lampCotton candyDisneyland Fireworks- Happy 4th of July!Disneyland FireworksRoad in to Marbolite Mine
Rocky FlareHighway 62 Revisited.Joshua Tree skeletonMarbolite_Pano_BWCovington Flat roadDesert Homestead Cabin


  1. Those are all great photos...that camera has done a lot of traveling.

    Any plans of a photo session sometime back East?

  2. Thanks! No plans yet for an East Coast session, but that's a great idea. I'll put it on my to-do list.