Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo Shoot in Fullerton

So my sister over at Lap Dog Knits says "let's go take photos around downtown Fullerton... meet me at my house at 6:30 AM."  

My first reaction was "Fullerton... are you kidding?  What is there to take pictures pictures of in Fullerton?"  My second reaction was "6:30 AM?  Seriously??"  Thankfully, it was later revised to 7:15 AM.  I'm not a morning person, so still early in my book.

Lesson learned from our Fullerton photo shoot:  Photo opportunities are everywhere.  No need to go anywhere exotic, as there are good photo opportunities everywhere you go.

Side note:  I am learning how to take HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, so I used a tripod for most of my photos on Sunday.  I set up my camera to bracket the exposures:  normal, +2, and -2, so you use 3 photos for each completed HDR image.  Then you go into Photoshop and create the HDR photo by merging the 3 images.  There are many different ways to tweak it, from an over the top 'Alice in Wonderland' look to normal/realistic with increased clarity and detail.  This is where talent and experience really come in, and I have a long ways to go!  But go check out the HDR groups in Flickr... wow, some incredible photos and incredibly talented photographers.
So off we go... brother and sister trying to improve their photo skills!
One of my favorite old buildings in Fullerton... this is the Chapman Building on Harbor Blvd.
Standing in the center divider on Harbor Blvd.
Rutabegorz restaurant on Pomona Ave.
Bench on Wilshire Blvd.; now that I look at it, this one looks like it would be better converted to B&W

Fullerton has maintained the old, original city light posts throughout the downtown area.

Hotel California? Is this the one the Eagles made famous??  Taken from the second story within Villa Del Sol.

Villa Del Sol on Harbor Blvd.


  1. these are all great pictures, I like the effect on all of them. Glad we started the day off downtown - I'd say "sister" has a long way to go to catch up with your talents.

  2. I went to Cal State Univ, Fullerton. These photos brought back memories! :)