Sunday, August 14, 2011

1959 Morris Minor

My sister over at
ran across this little car with a 'for sale' sign on it today.  She immediately had visions of she and her husband tooling around in it on the weekends.  She even named it ('Blue Belle', if memory serves, although I might be off on that).
I must admit, a really cute car.  Her enthusiasm started to infect me.  Two-tone, with dark blue fenders on a light blue body... very classy! This photo doesn't do it justice!  Before long, I could see in my minds eye my sister and her husband riding around in Blue Belle on the weekends! Heck, I might even want to borrow it and take my wife out for a spin!  And then reality started to set in...

This thing is a real fixer!  Lots of body rust, holes in the floorboard, no rear window, all the rubber seals on the windows and doors were rotten, etc, etc, etc.
Well, it's fun to consider the possibilities, but I think reality started to hit us all about the same time.  Anyway, probably no Blue Belle in our future, but fun meeting the owners and taking these pics!



  1. This will be as close as I come to my Blue Belle....she's destined to belong to another...
    maturity has it's takes away a sense of play, youthful abandonment and replaces it with caution, doubt and insecurity.
    She belongs to someone drive her along the coastline in all her rusted glory and untold stories since the day 52 years ago that she rolled off the factory line - all shiny in her two tone paint. Perhaps one day I'll see a youthful face beaming behind her wheel driving (with feet dangling through the rusted out floorboards?)and enjoying every reckless moment.

  2. A cute car, indeed.
    Nice photos.


  3. Love the color of this car. And the hood ornament is amazing! Great captures. :)