Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catching Light in a Jar!

We had the opportunity to go out to 29 Palms this weekend, and it was surprisingly mild for August!  We had a great weekend... here are a few of my favorite photos.

Friday, August 5:  We started our weekend by exploring the area behind Hi Desert Medical Center in Joshua Tree.  We stumbled across an abandoned home that was wonderful in it's day... beautiful view, great location, and incredible desert garden.  I've never seen so many red barrels in one place!  In the side yard, a great Oldsmobile Dynamic 88, just waiting to have her picture taken, huge tail fins and all!

In the same general area, we ran across this little homestead as the sun was setting.  It was incredible the way it was tucked back into the rocks.

Saturday, August 6:  We headed out toward the 29 Palms airport on Highway 62.  I had seen an old aluminum prop plane that would photograph really well, but the airport was closed.  As a matter of fact, this airport doesn't look like it sees much activity and hard to say when it might be open.  I'll try again on a weekday.  So we explored the roads behind the airport.  Right away we came across a little pink homestead.

A little further along, another homestead with an old yellow stove on the front porch.  Really interesting because of the bright color and porthole window.

Here's a view from inside, with an interesting old wood burning stove.

Further down the road, we hit the mother-load!  We discovered what appears to be an old dump sight with acres of old cans and bottles!!!  As you can tell, my wife was quite pleased!

Still further down the road, another old homestead... I like the faded green stucco on this one.

Here's the outhouse for yet another homestead.  This was really remote, as you can tell from the photo!!

Sunday, August 7:

Prickly pear cactus fruit in our front yard, shooting into the sun.

And, perhaps my favorite shot of the weekend, catching light in a Mason jar!  Got to give my wife credit for this one... it was her idea!


  1. They are all great photos but I've got to go with the bottle shot - did you find the mason jar out there too?
    Nice homesteads...looks like a great weekend.

  2. Thanks! No, the mason jar was in our garage.

  3. My daughter asked why we can't catch light in a jar. I showed her your picture and said - sure you can !

    Nice pic !