Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Series 52: Week 1

I'm trying out a photo challenge.  Never done this before, so let's see how it works out and if I can stick with it.  Here's the challenge:  Post a series of at least three different photos of the same subject each week.  The photos must be related to a prompt provided at (this weeks prompt is red).

I didn't have to go to far for my red photos.  We have a bottle brush tree in the front yard that is in bloom, and I thought it might make an interesting photo.
To improve the original photo, I cropped it and added a texture (below).  The texture softens the background and just makes the overall photo more interesting.
I tried photographing at a different angle (front) to try to get the red brushes highlighted.
Finally, let's add a texture. This one is a silvery texture with lots of lines that gives the photo an interesting finish.



  1. Perfect red subject..
    Every angle is good, each has an effect?
    The first looks sooc and the others modified?

  2. Sure wish I could grow a bottle brush tree here in Ontario, Canada!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your photos of this awesome plant at SS 52 this week. It really does look like a bottle brush!

  4. I had no idea they were this color...and no idea that they look exactly like a bottle brush! Great images!

  5. Never heard of a bottle brush tree. I would love to grow one in my yard. Love the series :)