Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Postcards from the Attic

Well, I've made something of a breakthrough in my journey to become a better photographer.  I see so many photos I admire on Flickr, and I frequently see people refer to "textures"... using textures in their digital processing to enhance the photo in one way or another.  I've been trying to teach myself Photoshop (I'm using a book + anything I can glean from the internet), but couldn't figure out textures until just this last week.

It's very cool... there are a ton of free textures on Flickr and various blogs (check out Skeletalmess at http://www.flickr.com/photos/skeletalmess/collections/72157615670287235/  and Shadowhouse Creations at http://shadowhousecreations.blogspot.com/).
A big thankyou to both of these sites... the postcard textures used here are from the Shadowhouse Creations blogspot.

OK, get to the point... a texture is basically a photo of anything... stucco, cement, old paper, blank post cards, whatever, that you blend with your original photo.  It changes your original photo in really interesting ways.  I think I might like to do a series of old postcards of desert homestead cabins... I certainly have a lot photos to use, and I like the old-timey look!

Anyway, here are my first few creations using textures. Stay tuned, more to come!


  1. Oh, very nice! I haven't yet experimented with textures...it's on my "to do" list!

  2. Great job....I think I like the first one the best.
    After you've mastered "textures" you can teach me!!