Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time to Kill

My first attempt to post using my phone!  It would be cool to post on the go, without a computer. Traveled to Oakland out of Orange County yesterday, and at LAX right now with an hour to spare before my Tucson flight, so thought I would try out this new iPhone (only had it a couple weeks). I use it mainly to check my work e-mail, but it definitely has some fringe benefits (including some great photo apps)!

Update:  Well, back from Tucson.  Posting from the iPhone didn't work because it doesn't give me the option to upload pics from the phone... the only options are 'computer' and 'web', so I need to get the pics from my phone to my computer.  Oh well, it was a good idea.  Here are some iPhone pics from yesterday and today.  They were all taken using the Hisptamatic app on my iPhone, which is designed to make the photos look like they were taken on a cheap, plastic Instamatic camera (light leaks and all!).
Always a good feeling after you've made it to the airport, get through
security, get you seat, and get that first cup of coffee!

Seat 7 A... Saddleback mountains down below.

The big flag at Orange County airport.  You can't see it, but there is a big
statue of John Wayne in front of the flag that the photographer is capturing!

LAX, Terminal 1:  Camacho's has the best breakfast burritos I've every tasted!

Flight was delayed by 15 minutes... here it is pulling into the gate.

Waiting to depart from Tucson... afternoon storm coming in.

Great clouds flying out of Tucson today.


  1. These are all great photos....and now I'm hungry thinking about a breakfast burrito.
    I like the effects you've added to the pics, too hard to pick a favorite

  2. Thanks for the comment. I should probably qualify that statement... best breakfast burrito I've ever had at an airport!