Thursday, September 29, 2011

1968 Bug

A close friend of my sons has a '68 Volkswagen bug.  I have a soft spot for old VWs, as I had a few when I was younger, so lots of memories.  I think my favorite was a cream-colored '64, but I also had a red '66, a light blue 74 (I think?) and a baja bug built from parts.  I even remember my parents driving VWs when I was a child and small enough to climb into the space behind the rear seat.  Anyway, here's a couple photos of the '68... really nicely restored!

Top speed 90mph based on the speedometer (true top speed somewhat less!!).  If you click the photo to enlarge, you can see the little hash marks for maximum speed to shift:  l @ 15mph (maximum speed for first gear), ll @ about 30mph (maximum speed for second gear), and lll @ 45mph (maximum speed for third gear).  Bring back any memories??