Saturday, September 17, 2011

The PhotoChallenge Word is 'Travel'

Lap Dog Knits mentioned a few posts ago that the weekly photo challenge is 'travel'.  That's like a big fat one that hangs right over the plate since I travel frequently for my job.  My challenge will be to figure out which of many photos to share!
Travel has changed dramatically.  When I used to tell people I travel a lot for work, the common response was "you're so lucky".  Now the most common response is "sorry to hear that"!  Here are some things that come to my mind for travel (perhaps I should qualify... work-related travel, since I am in a totally different frame of mind for vacation travel).

Cramped and confined.
There's an app on my iPhone called '360' which I used for this photo.  Still trying to figure out how to use it, but I like this photo... like being stuck inside a tin can, which is how I often feel!

Hurry up and wait!

I took these on my iPhone while walking to my gate at John Wayne Airport.  Because of camera movement, they came out blurry, which is great for showing motion.  I also did a little work in photoshop to blur the lines between photo and painting.

A sigh of relief (when the plane gets to the gate!)
This photo was taken at the Tucson airport (no, not in August of '81!).  There was a cloudburst off in the distance behind the plane which looked very cool!

Liftoff...deep breath and relax!
Yes, when you finally get to your seat, get your stuff stowed, and get in the air, you can feel at least some of the stress melt away (especially true for an on-time departure).

Rental car
Yup, the fun's not over yet!  Still need to get to the rental car lot, get your car, figure out where you're going (I rely on my Garmin pretty heavily), and find your hotel.  Travel last week was to Houston, so here's the Houston skyline.  Mandatory warning:  Don't take pictures and drive!!

Baggage Claim
Well, to be honest, I try never to check bags, so baggage claim is a non-issue for me.  I just liked the photo!  This is baggage claim at John Wayne Airport, and if you do check bags, one of the last places you will see on your travel adventure before heading home!


  1. Love your photo ideas of travel. That's a very beautiful picture you have there as your blog banner. It's amazing. Thanks for visiting. Have a great week ahead. :-)

  2. Very cool photo. Your blog header is stunning! You should join in at the Sunday Scavenger hunt at this blog:
    It is a lot of fun!

  3. Spectacular shots of your daily or weekly routine. So colorful and full of life. Love them! :)