Sunday, September 25, 2011


Spineology:  The study of sharp, spiny objects, esp. as related to cactus spines, and how they adapt to their natural environment.  OK, so I just made that up.  But with my brand new macro lens + being out in the desert last weekend, I couldn't resist getting close and personal with a couple of my cactus friends!  Not much flowering this time of year, so went with the spines!
Purple prickly-pear. The big spines hurt, but the little ones are even worse.  They must be barbed, because they go in and they don't come out!
Another species of prickly pear (Opuntia)... we will call him "fooled you" prickly pear because he's hairy and you don't see the sharp, painful spines underneath!
I think this is a Cereus cactus.  Covered with long, sharp spines.  But he gets severely eaten up by the antelope squirrels during the dry months, so even all these spines aren't enough to protect him!
Macro shot of spines on a Yellow Barrel
Red barrel spines
Ocotillo cactus spines are stiff as nails!
Another Prickly Pear
Ouch!  A little something my wife picked up while gardening!


  1. Thanks for visiting mygardenhaven. Your blog is full of great photographs. If you have a google friend connect box, I\d be your first follower.

  2. Be careful with the thorns! I really love all your macro shots here. Amazing colours and close up bringing life to every photograph.

  3. i'm a big fan of cacti and their spines and spikes, so i love this post. Very cool - makes me miss the desert though :(

  4. I guess there are disadvantages to living in the desert...
    Love the photos, though!