Saturday, September 10, 2011


Lap Dog Knits has offered to pick up where A Rural Journal left off.  The weekly challenge is 'gentle'.  This was a tough one for me... nothing really came to mind.  When I was doing some gardening today, I noticed some of the flower petals being blown by the wind, and it struck me how gentle and fragile they are, so I grabbed my camera and did my best to capture some 'gentle' shots!  For some great gentle shots, check out Lap Dog Knits

Bottle brush, with the "brushes" coiled up and just getting ready to burst out!

Kind of looks like a reflection
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  1. These are all beautiful...the colors are amazing...thanks for making this weekly photo shoot a group of two.

  2. "Gentle" would be tough to do pictorially, but you succeeded!

  3. These are so delicate. Nice captures.

  4. You have made me curious....where did you take the bottle brush photo as it's an Australian native.